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Volume 5 • Number 2



The coming issue it will be soon published online and in print version. 

In the mean time we want to anticipate the papers that have been selected to be published. 





China’s Market Economy Status and the Adoption of Surrogate Country Methodology After 2016

Zhang Liying

Keywords: Market Economy Status - Anti-dumping - Surrogate Country Methodology - Particular Market Situation   

Policy of the Foreign Exchange Regulation in Armenia: Current Status and the Need for Revision in the Context of Eurasian Integration

Sandoyan E.M. ● Voskanyan M.A. ● Mnatsakanyan L.A. ● Okhikyan L.A. 

Keywords: Exchange Rate- Integration- Central Bank- Inflation- Monetary Regulation 

Variable Annuities: the new solution to long-term investment problem

Ludovic Goudenège ● Andrea Molent ● Antonino Zanette 

KeywordsVariable Annuities- Insurance- Risk Management- Pricing- Hedginga

Japan’s Foreign Policy Towards the South Caucasus States
Policy of ‘Low-Relevance and High Purpose’ on the Crossroad Between Russian and Western Interests

David Goginashvili

Keywords: Japan ∙ South Caucasus ∙ Foreign policy ∙ Geopolitics ∙ Foreign aid


Predict the future returns of share. CAPM vs Multifactor Approach

Carlo Mastrosimone

Keywords: Capital Asset Pricing Model ∙ Arbitrage Pricing Theory ∙ Multifactor Approach ∙ Mean Variance Portfolio ∙ Stock return

Sovereignty And International Engagement  In Contemporary China: Could China Intervene?

Nicusor Sever Cosmin Florea

Keywords: China- Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence- Humanitarian intervention- International Law- non-intervention

The EU Food Police and Its Lessons for Taiwan

Der-Chin Horng

KeywordsEU- food safety- food control- food police- consumer interest- the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation

Higher Education ERP Systems: Setting the Right Price

Prem Prakash Dewani • Sameer Mathur•  Jagmeet Singh Suri •  Piyush Srivastava • VArun Bansal •  Vivek Tiwari 

KeywordsEducation ERP- ERP solution- Education software- Education ERP software- IT solution

A Tale of Islamic Financing: Theory Vs Practice

Muhammed Abdul Aziz • Faisal Khan 


Population Growth and Development of Education as Factors of Economic Growth

Armine V. Aghajanyan 

KeywordsEconomic Growth- Factors- Population 


America's Health, Innovation, Technology and the United States Presidential Election

Eliot Sorel

The Happy Hellenic Republic

Tigran Hakobyan