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Volume 24 • Summer Issue

The coming issue it will be soon published online and in print version. 

In the mean time we want to anticipate the papers that have been selected to be published. 




The “Impossible Trinity” in Monetary Policy of Armenia

E. Sandoyan ● L. Davoyan 

Keywords: Exchange rate - Monetary policy - “Impossible Trinity”/ “The Mundell-Fleming - Trilemma” - Economic growth - Emerging economies - Inflation targeting

Supply Chain Practices in Asian Emerging Countries:A Measurement Tool of Relational Dimensions 

H. T. Duong ● G. Paché 

Keywords: Emerging countries - Measurement scale - Relational integration - Supply chain

Exchange Rate Risks of International Portfolio Investments:Comparative Analysis of Ukrainian and Other Frontier Markets          

O. I. Rogach ● P. V. Dziuba 

Keywords International portfolio investments - Exchange rate risk - Frontier markets - Ukraine - Relative foreign exchange return differential - Sharpe ratio 

Economic Transition and Regional Wages: The Evidence from Poland

V. A. Adamchik ● T. J. Hyclak

Keywords: Regional labor markets - Wage differentials - Economic transition  

Legal Regulation of Obligations on Service Delivery in the Context of the Development of Ukraine's Economy

N. Fedorchenko ● I. Kalaur

Keywords: Sources of legal regulation - Legal instruments - Service delivery sphere - Obligations on service delivery - Civil legislation - Contract - The economy of Ukraine

Crisis of diplomatic etiquette and the 2015 African Union Summit in South Africa International Criminal Court at crossroads

D. T. Medoye ● M. I. Rieker 

Keywords: Diplomatic Etiquette - International Criminal Court - Genocide - Immunity - Jurisdiction